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wtf jess what even is this


universal treasures: girls over 6 ft

tuxedo mask

i am constantly amazed when people argue against slash ships saying that it puts “unnecessary gay” in the story

het is somehow necessary then???? i’m so confused


On the edge of experience, Wanda Koop


I realized today that with the Raleigh’s Wall thing I had missed the opportunity to draw Hermann trying to avoid having his picture taken so I had to try one aha. I sketched out another one but this was all I could do after work >:I


excuse me as I celebrate belatedly over pacific rim getting a sequel and a possible animated series with mako mori drawings



play tf2 as medic and pointedly refuse to heal anyone with “pewdiepie” in their steam name 


Simen Johan Photography

Simen Johan born in Norway in 1973, who darkly explores the human proclivity towards fantasy and our attempts, knowing or otherwise, to alternate realities for ourselves. Merging traditional photographic techniques with digital methods, Johan creates each of his images from as many as one hundred negatives, having first constructed or discovered each element and photographed it on film. Across his body of work, the viewer is urged to ponder the relationship between the real and the artificial or imagined.




I really wanted to try painting fur BUT I CANNOT…i do not understand you, Sai. This is a wild african dog bat thing yeh..

Hhhhh last one sorry guys !!

just got home from an anime marathon at gabby’s and let me tell you, i was not expecting to like free! as much as i did