Guild Wars Dragons circa 2007, the first designs I did for the potential Elder Dragons in GW2. Designs were unused which is common.

these dragons… i love them.

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thirteen year old ashol pan is part of a nascent movement of girls who are keeping alive the six thousand year old kazakh tradition of golden eagle hunting known as berkutchy.

though long the monopoly of boys — once deemed uniquely strong enough to carry a full grown eagle on their arms and endure harsh winter hunts — fewer are now learning the skill, abandoning their traditional semi nomadic ways for life in the cities.

berkutchy is a life long profession, and is often a hereditary one. but ashol’s brother left for the military, leaving her father, an experienced eagle hunter, to ask if she would take his place and assume training.

asher svidensky — who took these photos during a four month trek in the mountains of western mongolia’s bayan ulgii (or “rich cradle”) province, where only 250 hunters remain — told the bbc that where most boys are at first apprehensive around their eagles, ashol was very much at ease.

ashol, though still in school, will spend much of her time nurturing her eagle, imprinting herself on the fiercely independent bird from birth. after much time and training, her eagle — who is considered a member of the family — will learn to track down rabbits, foxes and wolves, whose fur is needed for the harsh winters.

"the favorite" by omar rayyan

"the favorite" by omar rayyan

oh yeah this is the picture with the tshirts! felt like showing you this

aw dang these look cool. i might want to get me an overpriced concert t-shirt…


that’s because it is a face sarah made. she emailed it to me and i’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.

24 hours from now i will be on my way to see the pet shop boys in concert

Abandoned gasworks, Poland.




The highlight of my day right here.


Late night experiment listening to Banks “Use of Weapons” and trying to make some form of alien life that i haven’t seen before (i hope!). I imagine this life form to see the world through energy and touch alone, no ‘eyes’ of any sort. Its form while in travel/motion spreads out really wide like a wing or almost bird like form, when it interacts with another object the hallow arterial banding rope-like forms of this entity then come together to form fairly coherent arm like structures to manipulate, interact and understand its environment. I imagine in motion would have constant parts of itself feeling and exploring to get a stronger mental picture of its surroundings, its ‘brain’ is located in the area that vaguely resembles a ‘belly/chest’ form.

Will do the ‘in motion/flight’ form next and better view of full body….this guys form is crazy! Will be fun to figure out. Still need to have a think about how it reproduces also….

i’ve been on this website for four years good god



Showing my favourite movie to my friends

this is a pretty accurate representation of my face when someone agrees to watch ‘The Lord of the Rings’ with me.